As we continuously look to improve the customer's experience using our product, the Mailbox View in eDesk has been redesigned into a new version!

Before you start

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01 What changes did we make?

One of the first things you’ll probably notice is that the old top navigation bar has been moved.

This is to create more space for the features you use more regularly in the Mailbox. We know that Searching and Filtering are important actions within the Mailbox so they’ve stayed here, while we’ve also added the option to create a New Ticket here.

Of course, the options you had on the top navigation bar haven’t disappeared. They’ve just moved to the side where they take up less space.

On the bottom left you can now easily Add Users, access Settings, and browse your personal options.

The Ticket Status categories have been moved slightly, and whereas on the old UI they used to spread down the entire page, they’ve been made more compact, so you can see them more easily and you no longer need to scan the entire screen.

The Smart Tools shortcut has been added here, so you now need fewer clicks to perform important actions.

Looking at the ticket list, not much has changed here. We’ve just adjusted the fonts to make them more visible and we highlighted the difference between tickets that have been read (physically opened) by an agent and others.

If you’ve got access to the AI one-click response feature. This has been made clearer and easier to use to help you save time.

It’s important that we don’t disrupt the workflows that you’re used to, so within the ticket, we’ve just made some minor worthwhile changes.
Starting from the top, it easier navigates between tickets.

We’ve also made it clearer where the message is coming from so in this case, Amazon. If you want to change the status or query type you can do so on the left-hand side. On the right, you’ve got some important information on the ticket and you have all the options you have previously had there, like snooze tag and assign.

On the right-hand side, you’ve still got all the transactional data that helps you to solve the tickets faster, we’ve just made it easier to see and differentiates between customer and order information.

We’ve also made the AI suggestions easier to access and use.

Try the New eDesk UI today by switching from your Settings.

We think that you’ll enjoy this new design and that it will make your day much easier, but don’t worry if you switch and find you want to go back, you can do so with a single click from your settings too!

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