eDesk Home is a new page within your eDesk app that helps you to keep track of your mailbox and learn how to get the most from eDesk.

Before you start 

  • The eDesk home is currently only available to eDesk Admins.


eDesk home has two primary sections. The first, at the top of the page, is the Tickets Section, which tells you how your mailbox is doing - if there are urgent messages you need to reply to and  how healthy your mailbox is. The second is the Content Feed, which is a place where you can browse the latest eDesk tips eCommerce news, and customer service tips and tricks.

The Tickets Section

Open tickets

This is the number of open tickets that your entire team has in your mailbox. It's all the 'To do' in your account right now. Click Jump to mailbox to go to the To do section of your mailbox.

Tickets with SLA expiring

These tickets have an SLA that is expiring in less than 5hrs. Click Jump to tickets to go to the SLA expiring tickets.

Tickets per order

This is a key indicator for any mailbox. This tells you how many tickets you get for each order you process in the channels that you've connected to eDesk. The lower the better! Click View ticket performance to go to your Tickets Insights Dashboard.

Content Feed 

Grab a coffee and browse the latest eCommerce news, eDesk case studies and customer service tips and tricks in your the Content Feed. The Content Feed is broken into 6 categories. How-tos are articles from our help center that show you how to get the most out of eDesk, News contains the latest eCommerce news, Coming soon and What’s new will keep you in the loop on the latest and up-and-coming eDesk releases, and Offers contains the latest offers currently available to you. The All section contains articles from all of these categories.

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