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eDesk Quick Tips videos

Creating tickets (video)

Learn how to easily create tickets in eDesk to respond fast to all of your customer queries!  

Responding with Templates (video)

 It's important to reply to customers using Templates in eDesk to provide the fastest and most professional customer support!  

Responding with Snippets (video)

We encourage you to use snippets in your replies to customers to save time whilst sending professional and thorough responses!  

Inviting Users (video)

eDesk will help you improve your team's collaboration by creating user accounts for each one of your employees.  

Resolving Tickets (video)

You can resolve or close a ticket in eDesk when you're done dealing with the customer's query. Regularly resolving tickets will help you keep…

Replying in Bulk (video)

The bulk Reply option in eDesk will allow you to respond to multiple tickets in one go, allowing you to save time and be more efficient.  

The Smart Inbox (video)

The revolutionary new Smart Inbox leverages eDesk's rich order data to automatically group and prioritize all incoming tickets, so your team…

Leaving Internal Notes (video)

You may want to add internal notes to your tickets in eDesk for reference or to help people out.  

Mentioning Agents (video)

You may want to mention your teammates in certain tickets in eDesk when you need a second opinion or if their help is required.  

Assigning Tickets (video)

You may want to assign tickets to your teammates in eDesk if they’re better suited to solving the issue or if you’re overwhelmed for example.  

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