Tags are a great way to organize your inbox in eDesk and give your customer support process more structure

01 Creating a Tag

  • Select your avatar in the top right hand corner
  • Go to Settings  Smart Tools Tags

  • Click the ‘+ Add Tag’ button in the top right corner
  • Enter the following fields:
    • Tag name
      The name of the tag
    • Colour
      A colour to distinguish this tag from the rest
    • Icon
      An icon to distinguish this tag from the rest
  • Click 'Save'

02 Getting to Tags

  • Go to Dashboard Mailbox Tags 
  • Click on the Tag Name to view all associated tickets 

03 Mailbox shortcut 

Once the tag is created, you can create a pinned filter
This will appear on the left hand nav of your Mailbox, allowing you to quickly access the Tags and view the associated tickets

  • Select the filter icon  Create new filters
  • Select the channels you wish to include 
  • Go to Tags Include select the tag
  • Click Save 
  • Name the filter
  • Select the 'Public' checkbox if you wish the filter to be available for all users
  • Select the 'Pin to sidebar' checkbox to make the filter available in the Mailbox

You can find the filter shortcut inside the 'Pinned filters' section on the left hand nav of the Mailbo

To find out more about the eDesk Filters, click here