Find tickets using search and filters
These options can be found in the top nav

01 Search

Here you can type in any keywords related to your search such as:

  • Customer details (Name, Email, Phone number)
  • Order details (Product name, SKU, ID, Fulfillment type)

02 Filters

Hover over the filter icon to access Quick filters and saved filters 

Quick filters are preset channel filters 
Saved filters are ones that have been created by an agent

03 Custom Filters

'+ Create new filters' allows you to choose from a range of search conditions 

These include:

  • Marketplace
    The Marketplace is the platform the message is coming from (Amazon, eBay, email etc.)
  • Channel
    A specific channel within a Marketplace (Amazon Germany for example)
  • Ticket Status
    This is the status the ticket is currently in
  • A ticket can only be in one status
    This can include: Unresolved, To Do, Waiting, Resolved, Snoozed, Spam
  • Assigned Agents
    Choose from Mentioned agents or Owners
  • Ticket Type
    Each ticket that comes into the system will automatically generate a type either from the marketplace or by our system
  • Tags
    Select a tag that has been attached to a ticket
  • Ticket Created at
    This identifies the date range the ticket was made and brought into your eDesk
  • Existing Customer
    If this customer has purchased from your previously
  • Sales Order
    Here you can choose if the ticket has an order attached to it or not
  • You can also filter based on Custom Fields you have created

04 Saving a Filter

Once the filter has been created, you can ‘Show results’ which will display tickets that meet the criteria or ‘Save’ the filter to use again later ​​
To save the filter, enter a name, choose if you would like to make it public and if you would like to pin it to the sidebar

Public filters are available in all user accounts
If not selected, the filter is only available to the agent who created it 

Saved filters will appear in the list when you hover over the filter button

05 Pinned Filters

Pinning a filter makes it available in the ‘Pinned filters’ section on the Left hand Nav

This features allows you to easily access the tickets you need to see, straight from your Mailbox 

05 Delete or Unpin a Filter

To edit an existing filter, click ‘Create new filter’
Here you will see existing filters on the left hand side 
Hover over the filter you would like to edit

This will display options to show the results of the filter, delete the filter or unpin it