Tags are a great way to organize the Mailbox, giving your customer support process more structure. Tag groups allow you to sort Tags, making them easily accessible, straight from the Mailbox.

01 Creating a Tag Group

  • Select your avatar in the top right-hand corner
  • Go to Settings Smart Tools Tags + Add Tag Group
  • Please note, Tag Groups will not appear on the Tags screen until there is a Tag associated with it

02 Creating a Tag

  • From the same page, select + Add Tag
  • Give the tag a name, colour and icon
  • The Tag Group dropdown will display any Tag Groups that have been created 
  • If no Tag groups have been created, the Tags will still appear but will not be organized into Groups

03 Getting to Tags

  • Go to Dashboard → Mailbox → Tags 
  • Click on the Tag name to view all associated tickets 

04 Mailbox shortcut 

Once the tag groups and tags are created, a Tag option will appear on the right-hand nav in the Mailbox. Expanding the Tags option will display Tag groups, and these can be expanded to display the individual Tags. Selecting the Tag will filter the Mailbox to display all tickets associated with the Tag.

You can also create customized filters, accessible from the Mailbox. To find out more about the eDesk Filters, click here

05 Assigning Tags

Assign tags manually from inside the ticket, automatically using rules or at a channel level 

  • Inside the ticket
    • Select the Tag icon and choosing from the list
  • Automatically
    • Create Rules to assign tags as messages are received
  • Per Channel
    • Go to Settings → Mailbox Settings → Channels → select the channel → Mailbox tab →  Associated tags

You can also assign Tags in bulk by selecting the checkbox on the ticket list and choose Assign tags form the Bulk Actions menu.