What to use Snooze for

The snooze feature is made for situations where a ticket requires action but is currently on hold. A typical example of this is when you’re waiting on more information from a customer or a teammate to take action on the ticket. 

Snoozing a ticket will remove it from its current category and move it to the snooze category.

Note: You may snooze a ticket but not its SLA which will continue to count down even when a ticket is snoozed.

How to Snooze a ticket

  1. Click on the snooze option on the top left of the ticket view.
  2. Choose how long you want to snooze the ticket for

Snoozing tickets

Pro-tip: You can also use the snooze button on the quick options when you hover over a ticket. To do this just hover over the ticket to see the quick options and click snooze. 

Where can I find the snoozed ticket?

The snoozed ticket can be found in the Snooze category of your eDesk mailbox

Snoozed category

What happens when the snooze period is over?

When the snooze period has elapsed, the snoozed ticket will return to its original category. For example, if it was in the ‘To Do’ category when you snoozed it will return to this category once the snooze period is over.