Use internal notes and @mentions to collaborate with your teammates

The internal notes feature is a great way to leave handy notes on customer messages either for your own reference or to help out your teammates.

To add a note just click on the note tab in the reply box. 

Notes in reply box

@Mentioning your teammates in an internal note

You can also @mention a teammate in a note in order to get their help to resolve an issue quickly. As soon as you type the "@" within a note you will get a menu of your teammates to choose from. Just select the teammate whose help you need and they’ll be notified.


Where to find tickets that you’re mentioned on

Tickets that you’re @mentioned on can be found in the @Mention category of your eDesk mailbox. 

How to quickly mention your teammate without a note

There’s a quicker way to get your teammate's attention for cases where a ticket needs their attention but doesn’t require you to write a note to give them any context. 

  1. Click the @mention button on the top right of the ticket 
  2. Select the teammate whose help you need.

The message will automatically go into your teammates' Mention category for their attention.