Merging tickets allows you to combine two related tickets together 
This is helpful in keeping your Mailbox clean and ensuring there is no duplication or conflict of answers 

01 Merging Tickets

Select multiple tickets from the list of tickets using the checkboxes
You will see a “Merge tickets” option in the Bulk action menu

Once clicked, you will see an option to select the “parent ticket”
  • This will be a list of the selected ticket
  • The selected one will be the ‘main’ ticket
  • Message body of all other selected tickets will move moved into the parent ticket 
  • Other tickets (child tickets) will be removed from the list of tickets
  • Once you confirm the merge, you will land in the parent ticket
  • The merge CANNOT be undone

02 Merged Tickets

Once the tickets have been merged, you can view all messages inside the parent ticket

If the customer emails a secondary ticket, the new message will appear in the parent ticket which will reopen in To Do
03 Important Information
Tickets that cannot be merged:
  • If they are Amazon or eBay
  • If there is an order attached 
  • If there are more than 10 messages in either ticket
  • When the ticket has been merged previously 
If a user tries to merge tickets with the above, they will receive an error message and the merge will not be successful