eDesk will help you improve your team's collaboration by creating user accounts for each one of your employees.

This help file will guide you through configuring the Users section in your Company Settings.

Before you start

  • You’ll need an Admin login to eDesk to create users. If you don’t have an Admin login, you can request one from an Admin user within your business.

To add a new user in eDesk, simply click on the Users icon at the bottom left of your screen
Add User button(or go to Settings → Company Settings → Users → +Invite users).

01 Adding a new user via email

If you wish to add new users via email, you can directly type the email address or multiple email addresses separated by a comma. You can also paste a list of email addresses into the field.

The field will check the email addresses to make sure they are correct and an error will show if:

  • the email address already exists in the account
  • A complete email address has not been entered

Invite New User windowOnce all email addresses have been entered, you must select a role.

When an invite is sent, an email will be sent to that address inviting them to get started by verifying their email address.

Note: this role will apply to all new agents and the amount you will be charged today will be displayed in the pop up once the email addresses have been added.

02 Adding a new user via a link

If you wish to add new users via a link, you can simply click on Invite with link on the pop up screen.
Copy link messageThis link is unique to the eDesk account and can be shared with anyone who does not yet have a user account within the eDesk account. Clicking on the link will direct the new user to a page where they can enter their email address.
The new user then enters their email address and will see a confirmation message.

This will notify the account admin and they will see the new user in the Pending section on the user page (to find out more about pending users, click here).

This means that the admin must approve the email address and that if the link is shared with the incorrect people, they will not automatically have access to the eDesk account. Once the admin clicks Send invite, they will need to select a role and the account will be charged as normal (for the remainder of the current cycle and then the full amount on the next payment date).
The new user will then finally receive the usual confirm invite email to their inbox. 

Following that link, they will enter their name and password and an account will be created.

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