This help file highlights the difference between tickets that have been read (physically opened) and unread by an agent. 

Before you start

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01 Where do I see Read/Unread tickets?

As you can see in the image below, Unread tickets have a white background with bold text. Tickets that have been read have normal text with a grey background.

02 How can I enable it on my account?

Important note: to be able to see Read/Unread tickets, each user must add the Unread Status column to their table layout. 
To find out more about customizing table layouts, click here.

Tickets will be marked as Read when opened by an agent. They can also be manually marked as Read/Unread using the bulk actions menu. 

  • Mark tickets as Read:

  • Mark tickets as Unread:

To find out more about bulk actions in eDesk, click here.

Note: marking a ticket as Read is applied account-wide, so once an agent reads a ticket or marks it as Read it will be marked as ready for all users in the account.

Also, only tickets that are in needs of action can be marked as Read/Unread. Once the status is changed to Waiting or Resolved, the ticket is marked as Read.

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