Contact customers who have placed an order in the Orders tab

01 Directions to Orders

  • Select the order tab in the top toolbar

02 Toolbar Settings

  • Today’s orders
    Any orders from your marketplace that have been placed today will appear here. 
  • All orders
    All orders available to be pulled into our system will be available here.  
  • Sent Feedback
    Any orders you have solicited for feedback will appear here. 
  • Scheduled feedback
    Any orders you have scheduled to solicit for feedback will appear here. 
  • Received feedback 
    Any orders that have received feedback will appear here

03 Edit View

Click the customise icon in the top right-hand corner to rearrange columns and layout

  • Add
    Select the drop-down “Add a new column” to add another column
  • Delete
    Click the “X on the right adjacent to delete this column. 
  • View / Contact    
    Click on the order to view a pop up of the order details and also select “+ Create new ticket” to contact the buyer of this order.