There are a number of ways to respond to messages in eDesk 
These can be manual responses, AI responses, pre-written templates and snippets, or automated responses

01 Ticket List

Bulk Actions

  • To respond to multiple tickets in one go, select the tickets from the list using the bulk actions check box
  • Select ‘Reply’ from the bulk actions dropdown list
  • Select a template from the dropdown (and the language if relevant) or type a message yourself
To find out more about bulk options in eDesk , click here.

Magic Wand

  • When an incoming message matches the AI criteria, a category will be assigned 
  • Once you have a Quick reply template set up for that category, you will see the Magic wand in the list of tickets 
  • Hover over the Magic Wand to see a quick view of the Customer message and the AI response
  • This allows you to respond in one click, without clicking into the ticket
  • Click the column header to view all Magic wand tickets
  • For more on the AI responses, see here

02 Inside the Ticket


  • When an incoming message matches the AI criteria, a category will be assigned 
  • Like the Magic wand, once there is a template created for assigned category, it will show inside the ticket above the Reply box
  • You can view a preview of the full message by clicking the ⌵ symbol on each option
  • Depending on the AI settings inside the account, simply click the template to send the message  or click the template to populate the text in the Reply box and click ‘send’

Reply Box

When viewing a ticket, click the pencil icon at the top of the page or the “Reply…’ field below the message to open the Reply box

Typed Responses

  • Manually type the body of your message and click send 
  • Snippets
    • Type # and the Snippet name to populate a Snippet
    • For more on Snippets, see here
  • Templates
    • Click the Template icon inside the Reply box
      Choose a template from the dropdown or type the shortcut ‘_’ (underscore) and the template name in the Reply box to display a list of Templates
      For more on Templates, see here 
  • External 
    • External messages allow you to send a message to an external email address different to the one linked to the ticket, while keeping all conversation in the same thread
    • For example, if a customer sends an email about a product, send an external message to your supplier so the conversation remains in one place, without the customer receiving the external message

If a message is not sent, a draft will be saved in the Reply box 

03 Automated Responses

Automated templates mean your customers receive responses at all hours, and also help to reduce the workload by automatically replying to common questions

Auto Replies

  • This option allows you to set recurring days and times for a message to send 
  • For example, send the template each day, outside of office hours
  • For more on Auto replies, see here 

Rule Only

  • This option allows you to use rule conditions to trigger automated messages
  • For more on Rule based templates, see here 

Out of Office

  • This option allows you to set an out of office for a specific date range
  • For example, send the template in response to every incoming message while you are on holiday
  • For more on creating an OOO, see here

04 Other Information

  • Depending on your user settings, the ticket will be marked as Resolved or Waiting
  • For more on Default Status settings, see here 
  • The ticket will only reopen if the customer replies