eDesk allows you to reply to messages in different ways as shown in this guide. Click into your message to begin.


01 Suggested Responses

Once in your message, you will see the suggested responses under 'AI suggestions'

  • The responses are based on the body of the message 
  • You can view a preview of the full message by clicking the ⌵ symbol on each option
  • To see responses from all categories, select 'AI category' in the bottom right hand corner 
  • To use the response, hover over the chosen one and click 'Select' 

02 Other Responses

Once selecting the reply box you then have the following options

  • Reply
    For a direct reply to the customer
  • Note
    Used internal messages or for messages to other agents
  • External
    Contact a different email but keep the conversation within the thread


03 Inside a message

In the left hand corner of your reply box you can choose the following

The highlighted symbols signify:

  • Formatting - click to format your message with HTML
  • Templates - click to view a list of your templates
  • Attachments - click to upload an attachment 
  • CC - click to add another email address to the ticket 


04 Sending

If a message is not sent, a draft will be saved in the Reply box 

  • Type '#' to view and add your own snippets - see here for more information on snippets
  • Press the tab button after entering '#' to view your templates - see here for more information on templates
    • Type #/#tab and the snippet or template name to locate them in the list and hit enter 
  • By default, the ticket will close when you press Send 
  • Uncheck the Close ticket box to leave the ticket as Pending after the message is sent 
  • The ticket will only reopen if the customer replies


05 Manage

  • To reopen the ticket at a later stage to update the customer we can use the snooze button which is located at the top left hand corner
  • On the right hand side you will be able to add a tag, assign an owner, mention an agent, mark as favourite, priority or spam
  • To proceed to the next ticket select the arrows above