Maximize the benefits of AI with eDesk’s intelligent Agent Assist and HandsFree features, which will suggest the perfect, personal responses for your Agents and even take the most common customer queries off their hands completely.

Before you start

  • eDesk’s AI is available by default on new ticket based plans. 
  • If you’re an existing customer and you want access to eDesk’s AI, you’ll need to  jump to a ticket based plan. Learn about our plans here.

01 What is eDesk’s AI?

Here at eDesk, we want to help you delight your customers with fast and attentive support. That’s why we’ve launched two clever AI features that help you easily answer your customer’s most commonly asked questions with crafted responses that are super-fast, personal, and always on-brand. 

AI Agent Assist recognizes when a customer sends a commonly-asked question, and then factors in the customer’s sentiment and their order information to provide your support agents with a perfect AI powered response, which the agents can choose to use or not.

The AI powered responses are surfaced in the Mailbox via the Quick Reply feature and inside the ticket. The Quick Reply feature displays a pop-up that an agent can open with one click from the ticket listing in the Mailbox. In either the pop-up or within the ticket, agents can review the AI powered response and then send it to the customer with another click, or they can tweak the AI powered response and then send it, or they can ignore the AI powered response and write their own message for the customer. The agent remains in total control of the level of AI applied. 

AI HandsFree recognizes when a customer sends a commonly-asked question, and factors in the customer’s sentiment and their order information to craft the perfect AI powered response which it then sends to the customer automatically and immediately. Your support agents don’t have to do a thing!

For both HandsFree and the Agent Assist Quick Reply, a primary template must be set for each classification. This is the template that will be suggested as the Quick Reply or sent automatically when HandsFree is enabled.

02 Handy AI summaries

eDesk’s AI also provides two useful AI summaries in each ticket for commonly-asked queries. These are designed to help agents quickly understand what the ticket is about and the ticket history.

AI powered message summary

When a ticket arrives containing a common query for which there exists an AI classification, eDesk’s AI creates a summary of the first message in the ticket thread. This is displayed in the Latest Update column in the Mailbox and inside the ticket on the first message. This allows agents to spot commonly-asked queries or understand the ticket at-a-glance.

AI powered ticket summary 

If an agent wants to quickly understand the entire ticket thread, they can open the ticket and select the AI ticket summary option in the Quick Actions bar. This adds a summary of the entire ticket thread to the ticket.

Note: AI powered summary cannot be generated on the first incoming message as it will already be summarized. The icon will also be grayed out if the last action that happened on the ticket was a ticket summary.

03 Customer Sentiment

eDesk AI will analyze the customer's first incoming message and determine their sentiment so you can get a quick overview of how the customer is feeling when they first got in touch and respond to them accordingly.

Currently, the message will be assigned one of the three following sentiments:

  • Positive
  • Neutral
  • Negative

The sentiment indication will appear inside the ticket, in the message container along with the message summary.

04 How does it work?

When a new ticket arrives in your Mailbox, eDesk’s AI will read the customer message in the ticket and if an AI classification exists that matches its content, customer sentiment, and order information, eDesk will classify the message. 

eDesk has a set of pre-defined AI classifications for each of the most common e-commerce queries, such as Where’s my order, Returns, Faulty Item, Invoice request etc. Each classification has a template assigned to it in Settings. Learn all about AI Settings here including how to create your own AI templates and choose whether to use Agent Assist, Handsfree, or no AI for each category.


A customer sends a message that reads “I ordered an electric drill on 30th March but it hasn’t arrived yet. When will it arrive?”. 

As soon as it arrives in the Mailbox, eDesk’s AI recognises this message as a commonly-asked query and groups the message under the AI Classification Where’s my order?

eDesk’s AI assesses the customer’s sentiment, retrieves the order information, and then selects the template associated with this Classification.

This template reads:

Order: #order_number#    Placed on #ordered_date#


Hello #consumer_firstname#,

Thank you for contacting us.

Your order was dispatched on #dispatched_on#. 

Your expected delivery date by #expected_delivery_date_to#.

Unfortunately, there is no tracking available for this package right now, but anticipate that it will arrive on time. If this isn’t the case, please get in touch with us, so we can investigate.

Kind regards,

(where #customername# and #ordernumber# are snippets that are automatically replaced by the real name and order number for that customer. Read more about snippets here.)

What happens next depends on the AI feature you’re using for that Classification, which can be either AI Handsfree or AI Agent Assist. 

  • If you’re using AI Agent Assist for this Classification, then eDesk will suggest the perfect template, which your Agent can view, edit, send, or, if they prefer to write their own reply, ignore.
  • If you’re using AI Handsfree, then eDesk will simply select the primary template for that classification and send it back to the customer immediately.  Job done!

AI Classification will classify, categorize and summarize the conversation thread based on the first incoming message in the ticket. 

05 AI support for up to 98 languages!

eDesk AI can detect, translate and summarize the first incoming customer message from up to 98 languages with incredible accuracy so you can handle queries from different regions. 

06 How will eDesk AI make your support faster, better, and easier?

  • Superfast Agent responses with Agent Assist
    You’ll quickly spot common queries that are supported by Agent Assist in the Latest Update column in the Mailbox view, so that you can address them in 2 clicks using the Quick Reply.
  • Zero effort responses with Handsfree
    Handsfree takes care of the common queries for you.
  • Stay on-brand
    Create your AI templates in your brand tone of voice, and your AI powered responses  will always be on-brand.
  • Handle queries in 98 languages
    Detects, translates and summarizes the first incoming customer message that's written in up to 98 languages so you can support many regions and markets - increasing sales opportunities.
  • Increased speed and efficiency
    Allowing you to handle a large volume of customer inquiries at once, reducing backlog and improving SLAs.
  • Understand ticket threads at-a-glance
    No need to read through the whole ticket thread. You can understand ticket threads, even long ones, at-a-glance by creating a summary that describes the thread in neat, concise bullets. 

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