eDesk's AI Summaries is the ultimate solution for effortlessly understanding your customer's incoming queries. They take the burden off your shoulders by analyzing not only the initial message but also the entire message thread, providing you with concise and easily comprehensible summaries.

Whether you need a quick recap of the conversation or your colleague is taking over the ticket and needs to catch up, our AI summaries ensure a seamless and efficient process. With eDesk's AI Summaries, staying up-to-date has never been easier!

This help file will walk you through how these summaries work and where you can find and use them.

Before you start

  • For an introduction to what eDesk AI is and how it works, read our helpful article here.
  • If you’re an existing customer and you want access to eDesk’s AI, you’ll need to  jump to a ticket based plan. Learn about our plans here.

01 AI powered message summary

Essentially, there are two types of summaries available in eDesk AI; AI powered message summary and an AI powered ticket summary.

When a ticket arrives containing a common query for which there exists an AI classification, eDesk’s AI creates a summary of the first incoming message in the ticket thread.
This is also displayed in the Latest Update column in the Mailbox and inside the ticket on the first message. This allows agents to spot commonly-asked queries or understand the ticket at-a-glance, so they can prioritize, tackle them more efficiently or re-assign to colleagues who can handle those queries.

02 AI powered ticket summary 

This summary is only available inside the ticket. If an agent wants to quickly understand the entire ticket thread or another colleague wants to catch up, they can click on the AI ticket summary option in the Quick Actions bar and it will generate an AI powered summary. 

This allows agents to quickly get up to speed about everything that happened inside the ticket, and gives them the option to attach this generated summary to the ticket thread, or copy it in their clipboard to use elsewhere in case they don’t want to clutter the thread.

Note: AI powered ticket summary cannot be generated on the first incoming message as it will already be summarized. The icon will also be grayed out if the last action that happened on the ticket was a ticket summary.

03 Customer Sentiment

eDesk AI will analyze the customer's first incoming message and determine their sentiment so you can get a quick overview of how the customer is feeling when they first get in touch and respond to them accordingly.
Currently, the message will be assigned one of the three following sentiments:
  • Positive
  • Neutral
  • Negative

The sentiment indication will appear inside the ticket, in the message container along with the message summary.

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