The Pre-Sales section separates sales opportunity queries (Pre-Sales) from regular queries. It houses product queries from customers who have not placed an order

01 Pre-Sales

The Pre-Sale section appears on the left-hand side of the Mailbox tab and it acts like all other sections (New/To Do), in that any tickets that show in the Pre-Sales section also show in the New/To Do sections

Pre-Sale tickets are catagorized based on the following conditions:

  • No order attached 
  • No outgoing message 
  • ‘Product Query’ ticket type

The Pre-Sales section will only appear if there are tickets in the inbox that match the criteria above and has a pre set table layout

02 SLA

Pre-Sale tickets have their own unique SLA icons:

  • Flame = 24 - 22 hours (hot lead)
  • Cloud = 12 - 22 hours (not so hot lead)
  • Snowflakes = older than 12 hours (cold lead)

03 Inside the Ticket

The ticket contains the regular ticket layout and reply box with an image of the product (when available) and product title
Click the link to view the item in the marketplace

04 Pre-Sales Reporting

(Only available with eDesk Pro Pack)
To view Pre-Sales dashboard, go to Dashboard → Mailbox → Pre-Sales

  • The bar chart shows the number of Pre-sale tickets and the number of those which converted into a sale
    • A Pre-Sale ticket counts as a conversion if an order is placed on the same channel within 7 days of receiving the Pre-Sale ticket from the same consumer
    • 7 days is the default setting but this can be changed in Settings → Company Settings → Mailbox tab → Pre-Sales
  • The Channel table shows the number of Pre-Sale tickets per channel
  • The orders converted table shows the last 5 Pre-Sale tickets which converted into a sale. 

The Pre-Sales dashboard must be enabled for each user in User Permissions. To do this, Go to Settings → Company Settings → Users → select the user → Permissions tab → Dashboard → Mailbox | Pre-Sales.