This option allows you to set an out of office for a specific date range
For example, send the template in response to every incoming message while you are on holiday

01 Directions

  • Select your avatar in the right-hand corner
  • Go to: Settings Smart tools Templates + Add Message Template → Out of Office

02 Basic Settings

  • First, you will need to create the message and apply any restrictions
    • Within the message body, we would recommend not using phrases such as: "We are currently out of the office" or "Our office hours are....."
    • Instead, use generic phrases such as "We have received your message and will be in touch"
    • The reason for this is if there is an auto-reply detector on your marketplace it can detect these key phrases as an auto-reply and not approve this as a valid response to reset the SLA
  • For a guide on the basic template set up, click here

03 Date & Time Conditions

  • Date range
    Set a specific from and to date 

04 Autoresponder Options

  • Delay
    Choose the time delay between receiving the message and sending a response
    A time delay makes an auto-response look more like a human response
    This is particularly useful to prevent Amazon from detecting your message as an auto-response
  • Frequency
    Choose how often this template is sent to the same ticket
  • Exclude
    Exclude certain email addresses from receiving the autoresponder
    You can exclude an entire domain with a wildcard by inserting *

05 Misc

  • Change message status
    Choose the status to set inside eDesk when the template is sent
    This does not affect the status on the marketplace
    Once a message is sent, the marketplace status will update as normal