Templates in eDesk allow you to create prewritten responses 
These can be automated using certain conditions, time and date settings or AI

To find out about the basic set up, continue reading below
For other automation options, see:
Out of Office
Automating templates

01 Getting to Templates

  • Select your avatar in the top right-hand corner
  • Go to Settings → Smart Tools → Templates

02 Add

  • Click '+ Add Message Template' in the top right-hand corner
  • Here you can select from a number of template types
    • Auto Replies - Template will send during the specified days and times 
    • Rule only - Template is bound to a rule and will send based on the rule conditions during the specified days and times
    • Out of Office - Template will send during the specified dates
    • Manual Usage - Template is selected in the Reply box by the agent
  • Each template can only be created as one template type

03 Basic Settings

  • Template Name
    Choose a name that will help you in selecting a template
  • Template Type
    Select what the template can be used for
    • Consumer - available in the Reply box for contacting customers
    • Internal - available in the Note box when leaving internal notes
    • External - available in external messages, when you wish to contact another email but stay within the ticket
    • Chat Consumer - avaible when communicating with a customer in a live chat (for more information about live chat, click here)
  • Active Template
    Set template to active
    • Deactivate templates that are no longer used

04 Messages 

  • Language
    Choose the language of your template
    Enter as many translations as you like and eDesk will select the language of the customer when responding
    * You must enteer the message body in the selected language
  • Subject
    The subject can be added to your message but this will only appear if you are initiating the message
  • Message
    The message can then be added with the option to add an attachment if required 

Please note if you are replying through certain marketplaces they may restrict attachments or their size

  • Inbuilt Snippets
    These can be used to personalise your message
    They can be found in the blue box on the right-hand side

    Please note, due to Amazon restrictions, some snippets will not populate customer information for Amazon channels

05 Usage Conditions

These options restrict what tickets the template will be available for

  • Channel
    Restrict the template to a certain channel or channels
    Leave blank for availability to all channels
  • Subject must contain
    Target messages that have a consistent subject
  • Ticket Type
    Catch messages that fall into a specific ticket type
  • Order Status
    To ensure we can use the inbuilt order snippets, the order must be at this current status for the template to be available
  • Order fulfilment
    Separate whether the template can be used for FBA (Fufilled By Amazon) or FBM (Fufilled By Merchant) orders
    This option is for AMAZON ONLY
  • Delivery Date
    Allow messages to only be sent within/outside the estimated delivery date
  • Can only be used if the ticket has never had a reply
    Target new incoming messages which can ensure you are not repeating the same answer to a customer

06 Manual Usage

  • Selecting to add a 'Manual Usage' template creates a template that can only be sent by an agent, directly from the Reply box
  • This option requires the fields in the General tab

07 AI Settings

  • This option is available on all template types 
  • Once a template has been created, you can set an AI category 
  • The template will then show as a Suggested response when applicable
  • For more information on AI Templates, click here

08 Deactivating a Template

  • Select the template
  • Uncheck the 'Active Template' box 
    • Inactive templates will not be available in tickets and will not send when set up as automated messages
  • To reactivate a template, select the template from the Inactive tab, check the Active box and press Save

09 Deleting Templates

  • Select the more options icon on the on the right handside when viewing the list of templates 
  • You will see the 'Delete template' option
  • Please note, this cannot be undone 
  • You can also Edit and Activate/Deactivate the template here too 

10 Automation

11 Reporting

  • eDesk Pro Pack only
  • Go to Dashboard → Mailbox → Enterprise Reports
  • Select the Channels, Templates and date range 
  • Click Generate

A CSV file will become available containging ticket information of any tickets where the selected Templates have been sent

See an example below