Templates in eDesk allow you to create premade responses to your queries.

01 Getting to Templates

  • Select your avatar in the top right-hand corner
  • Follow these steps: Settings > Smart Tools > Templates

02 Add

  • Click '+ Add Message Template' in the top right-hand corner

03 Basic Settings

  • Template Name
    Name to assist you in choosing the template
  • Available to use with
    Choose what function the template will have
  • Template Type
    Use the template in different replies such as:
    • Consumer, only available for contacting customers
    • Internal, only available for internal notes
    • External, only for when you wish to contact another email but stay within the ticket
  • Active Template
    Set template to active
    • Deactivate templates that are no longer used

04 Messages 

  • Language
    Choose the language of your template. Enter as many translations as you like
  • Subject
    The subject can be added to your message but this will only appear if you are initiating the message
  • Message
    The message can then be added with the option to add an attachment if required 

Please note if you are replying through certain marketplaces they may restrict attachments or their size

  • Inbuilt Snippets
    The above mentioned can be used to personalise your message
    These can be found in the blue box on the right-hand side

05 Usage Conditions

Ensures a message can only be used in certain circumstances.

  • Channel
    Restrict the template to a certain channel or channels. Leave blank for availability to all channels
  • Subject must contain
    Target certain messages that have a consistent subject
  • Query Type
    Catch messages that fall into a specific query type
  • Order Status
    To ensure we can use the inbuilt order snippets, the order must be at this current status for the template to be available
  • Order fulfilment
    Separate whether the template can be used for FBA (Fufilled By Amazon) or FBM (Fufilled By Merchant) orders. This option is for AMAZON ONLY
  • Delivery Date
    Allow messages to only be sent within/outside the latest delivery date advised
  • Can only be used if the ticket has never had a reply
    Target new incoming messages which can ensure you are not repeating the same answer to a customer

06 Autoresponder Options and Date & Time Conditions

  • These are only for use if you are creating an autoresponder
  • For more information on creating an autoresponder, click here

07 Misc

  • Change the message status
  • Using the template will change the ticket status to the selected option
    • Do not change the status
    • Change to Open
    • Change to Closed

08 Deactivating a Template

  • Select the template
  • Uncheck the Active Template box 
    • Inactive templates will not be available in tickets and will not send when set up as automated messages

09 Viewing Inactive templates

  • Search bar drop down > + Add filter > Active > No > Search 
  • Tick the checkbox to reactivate the template


Templates can also be used to send a message automatically based on certain conditions
For more information on Auto replies click here