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Let customers know your team is out-of-office with Autoreply and OOO templates

Create templates for eDesk to use when autoresponding to your customers outside office hours or during holidays.

Mailbox Dashboard

View ticket stats within the Mailbox Dashboard of eDesk  Here you will find the definition of some available statistics  Overview Tickets

Enterprise Reports

View and download account data with the Enterprise Reports suite System, Channel and User Reports You will find a selection of reports…

Moving from Helpdesk to eDesk - A Guide

Contents Mailbox Left Hand Nav

Business Hours

If you have your Business Hours set, the SLA timer will only count down during your set hours This ensures your response performance metrics…

eBay Channel Settings

To get started, you must connect your eBay store to eDesk If you have not yet done so, please click here for a step-by-step guide 01 Getting…


Facebook is a popular way for customers to contact brands with pre and post-sales queries. We understand the importance of delivering an easy…

Moving from Reply Manager to eDesk

If you have moved to eDesk from ReplyManager, you now have access to a lot more marketplaces and features that ReplyManager did not support.  Co

Connecting Walmart to eDesk

Connecting Walmart to eDesk allows your business to manage all Walmart orders, emails, and notifications from eDesk.  

Role permissions

Find out what each role permission enables in eDesk so that you can give your teammates the right permissions for their jobs. 

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