Facebook is a popular way for customers to contact brands with pre and post-sales queries. We understand the importance of delivering an easy way to integrate with Facebook so you can begin the conversation and convert those messages into sales. 

Please note you can only add Business Facebook pages to eDesk.

01 Connecting Facebook to eDesk

  • Select your avatar in the top right-hand corner
  • Go to Settings → Mailbox Settings → Channels
  • Select 'Facebook' under Social Media
  • You will be prompted to ‘authorize eDesk’, please proceed
  • You will be redirected to log into your personal Facebook account - the one under which the business page was created
  • You then need to choose which Facebook page you want to connect
Once your channel is added, wall posts, comments and direct messages can be handled within eDesk.

02 Why do I have ‘Retry Send’ on my Facebook messages?

Facebook has an SLA policy that you need to respond to a message within 24 hours. Therefore, if you miss the 24 hour SLA, the system will then show a ‘retry send’ and you must respond to the message directly on Facebook.