Connecting Instagram allows comments to be pulled into eDesk 

01 Adding Instagram

  • Settings → Channels → Add Channel
  • Social media → Instagram

In order to connect your Instagram account, you must have the following:

  • A regular Facebook account with a business page created
  • Your Instagram busuness account connected to the Facebook business page

02 Facebook Connection

  • Sign into the Facebook user account
  • Social media → Instagram
  • Once logged in, you will need to allow eDesk to access your profile and posts

  • Select the business page which has the Instagram account connected

Your Instagram account is now connected to eDesk!

03 Instagram Tickets

  • Each post creates a ticket inside eDesk when a comment is left
  • Comments will appear in the ticket as an incoming message
  • Outgoing messages will appear as comments on the post
  • Likes displayed on the right hand side of the ticket update each time the comments update, they are not updated with each like the post receives on Instagram