We’ve given eDesk Dashboards a new layout and a new name to go with it. Meet eDesk insights. 

01 What have we changed and why?

The primary changes we've made are to the navigation and labeling. Over the years the eDesk Dashboards section has grown, and with the addition of each new graph and chart, the navigation of this section has become more complex. Sections have become bloated and labeling less relevant. We’ve decided to press pause and to make this section more intuitive by relabelling and reorganizing it.

These changes will set the foundation for future improvements that will help you to leverage your data in more powerful ways and, ultimately, to better understand your business.

02 Where are my old graphs gone?

Everything you had is still there, but it may have been moved or relabelled. The table below will allow you to find what you’re looking for.

03 New Product Insights

As part of this update, we’re also releasing Products Insights.

Product Insights

This table uncovers potential unforeseen costs attached to your products by uncovering which products are causing the most tickets per order, so you can understand your business better, and make more informed decisions. This release encapsulates the direction we want to take eDesk Insights. 

Note: Product Insights will not be available on your dashboard until March 16th.

04 Lightning-quick Dashboards

We've also completely rebuilt each chart, table and graph from scratch to make them up to 7x faster than before. This will provide an exciting new foundation to build new Insights faster in the future.

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