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Adding new users

Enable better team collaboration by creating user accounts for your team The account admin must create the first user Users with specific…


Create ready-to-go templates to help your teams deliver expert customer support in record time! eDesk can also autorespond to customer messages…

Using Message Rules to route and auto-assign tickets

Automate your workflow and keep your inbox tidy by creating Message Rules that will automatically trigger actions on your eDesk tickets.

Let customers know your team is out-of-office with Autoreply and OOO templates

Create templates for eDesk to use when autoresponding to your customers outside office hours or during holidays.

✎ MWS Permissions

If you have already connected your Amazon account to xSellco but are not receiving messages or if you disabled xSellco access from your Amazon…

Using Rule-only templates to automate customer support

Take the pressure off your teams and let eDesk’s Rule-only templates automatically handle the commonly-asked questions from your customers.


Snippets help you provide faster and more personal responses You can create your own custom Snippets, which serve as mini-templates to help…

Mailbox Dashboard

View ticket stats within the Mailbox Dashboard of eDesk  Here you will find the definition of some available statistics  Overview Tickets

Business Hours

If you have your Business Hours set, the SLA timer will only count down during your set hours This ensures your response performance metrics…

Using Manual Usage templates to send prewritten messages to your customers

Help your teams respond to customers quickly, by creating ready-to-go templates that they can select and send.

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