Set up CSat to request feedback from customers after their support ticket has been resolved
Once a ticket has been resolved by an agent, a message containing a link to a short survey will be sent to the customer
You can only request feedback on email channel ticket
CSat is a feature of the eDesk Pro pack

01 Set up

The feature must be activated through the channel settings

  • Go to Settings → Mailbox Settings → Channels → select the email channel → Customer satisfaction tab

  • Select the ‘Enable’ checkbox
  • Select the number of days after the ticket has been Resolved to send the survey request
  • Enter the subject and body of your message 

Once enabled, the message will send automatically after each ticket is marked as Resolved 

If a ticket reopens in the future, the CSat message will only send again if the customer left feedback previously

02 How it works

The customer will receive a message with the subject and body entered in the channel settings 

Clicking on the smiley opens a new tab where the customer can leave their review and comment

The message is sent after the ticket is closed on the day specified in the settings 
If the ticket is reopened before the CSat message is sent, the days will start again

Automated messages

  • If a message is answered and marked as Resolved using a rule, auto-reply or out of office, the CSat message will not be triggered
  • If a ticket is answered using AI, the CSat message will not be triggered 

03 Translations

CSat uses eDesk language detection meaning when a ticket is created, the system detects the language
Once the ticket is marked as Resolved, the request is sent in the detected language, provided the template is available

How to set the template languages
Go to the Customer Satisfaction tab in the channel settings
The first language added will always be the default language
To add another language, click the + Add button above the message body and select the relevant language from the dropdown

A new message body field will then appear in which you can add the translated message
The auto-translation tool will not apply, so you need to add the message already translated in the selected language
If the detected language has not been added, the default language will be use

04 Triggering the CSat

As the CSat is triggered when a ticket is marked as resolved, you can change the default settings so that the ticket doesn’t close by default when a message is sent
This allows the agent to control when the ticket is marked as Resolved and the CSat triggered
For more information, see here

05 Signatures

Signatures that are set in the account will not display in the CSat message
You must write the signature you wish to use in the body of the CSat template

06 From Address

The from address uses channel information sent via eDesk servers and will appear as 
Email from name via

You can update the above fields in Settings → Mailbox Settings → Channels → select the channel → Mailbox tab

07 Reporting

Go to Dashboard → Customer Satisfaction 
You can view:

  • Average rating
  • Rating breakdown
  • Rating per agent 
  • Response rate 
  • Rating and comments table 
    • Only the latest 10 comments will be displayed
    • To view all comments, download a CSV of the table

The feedback is linked to the owner of the ticket 

If there is no ticket owner assigned, the feedback will be assigned to the agent who last responded to the ticket 

08 Important information

  • You can choose which agents can view the data in the Permissions tab of User settings
  • If a ticket is reopened to before the “when to send time” is hit, the countdown will start again upon re-closing
  • Once the customer clicks on the link to the survey, takes an action and clicks saves, they cannot access the survey again