Select the Sending mode for email channels to determine the From address of messages sent from eDesk

Go to Settings → Mailbox Settings → Channels → select the channel → Mailbox tab → Sending mode.

01 Send directly from the channel's eDesk address

This uses the channel email address as the From address

02 Send from own email address via SMTP

This sends messages via the email client server i.e. if you connect a Gmail account, eDesk connects to Gmails’ SMTP server to send the message

Enter the mail provider's Host, Connection type, Port and your username and password and the From email address will show as your email address

Recommended when using your own Customer Support email with eDesk

03 Send from own email address via eDesk

This sends an email showing your address but using eDesk servers

The From name and email address will show as 'My Company'

04 Send from own email address using eDesk's servers

This configuration allows you to send messages from your email address on behalf of eDesk

Messages will be sent to your customers via eDesk servers with the specified address as the From address

This requires you to add the SPF record to your mail server's domain so eDesk can send a message on your behalf

The SPF record is as follows:

"v=spf1 ~all"

When you select this option on your channel settings, you will see a link where you can find more information on adding it