Accelerate your response time by creating your own one-click AI-powered responses using customized AI Templates and the Sparkle icon.

This help file will guide you through how to create AI powered-responses in your eDesk account.

Before you start

  • You’ll need to have access to AI in your Settings in order to view, create and edit AI templates. If you don’t have access, you can request it from an Admin user within your business.  
  • To use eDesk AI, your business will need to be on the Performance+ ticket-based plan.

Note: to find out more general information regarding Templates in eDesk, click here.

01 What are customizable AI templates?

AI templates, like regular templates, are pre-made responses that enable you to easily answer the most common queries from your customers. AI templates are used to create the auto-responses sent by eDesk's AI HandsFree and the AI-powered responses that you'll select when using eDesk's AI Agent Assist. Learn all about eDesk's intelligent HandsFree and Agent Assist here.

There are two kinds of AI templates. A Primary Template is the default AI template for an AI Classification. Other AI templates for the same Classification are called Secondary Templates. Read all about AI classifications here.

02 Accelerating your response time with Agent Assist and HandsFree

When customer messages arrive in your Mailbox, eDesk checks them to see if they fall into an AI classification. If there is an AI classification that matches the message and sentiment in the ticket, then the following occurs:

  • If HandsFree is enabled for that classification, eDesk's AI will create an AI-powered response from the Primary template and send it to the customer. You don't have to do a thing!
  • If Agent Assist is enabled for that classification, a Sparkle icon is displayed by the ticket in the Mailbox listing. This icon indicates that you can respond to the customer message in just two-clicks using eDesk's Agent Assist.
    Sparkle icon in the Mailbox ticket listing.
    Select the Sparkle icon to display an AI-powered response for that ticket. This AI-powered response is based on the Primary Template for that AI classification. If you're happy with the AI-powered response, simply select Send, the response is sent to the customer, and the ticket is closed. You can also edit the AI powered response before sending if necessary.

    If you'd like to view alternative AI-powered responses to use in your response, select the ticket to open it and at the top of the Reply Box, you'll see a set of AI-powered summaries. See here for more information about the AI-powered summaries that eDesk supports. Select an AI-powered summary to view its AI-powered response in the Reply Box. These AI-powered responses are generated from the Primary and Secondary templates. 

03 Where to create an AI template within eDesk

Go to Settings → Smart Tools → Templates → + Artificial Intelligence to open the AI Settings page.
AI Settings
Then follow the instructions in this help file to set up your AI templates.

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