We’re delighted to be in a position to make our next generation AI available to eDesk customers on a phased basis. 

eDesk AI will be enabled on your account on a trial basis at no additional cost, so that you can experience the benefits of powerful AI features.

Customers adopting AI are typically experiencing a 400% improvement in productivity and response times.


How does eDesk AI work and how can it benefit my team? 

Let us briefly explain how eDesk AI works. When a ticket first arrives in the Mailbox, eDesk's AI reads the customer's message, analyzes their sentiment, combines that with customer and order information, summarizes it, classifies and matches it to one of the AI Classifications that are out-of-the-box ready to use - composing the perfect reply that's ready to be sent in one click.
Each classification is matched to 1 or more AI templates, which eDesk AI will then use as a curated response to the customer's first incoming message.

There is currently an AI Classification in eDesk for 35 common customer queries. Some examples of AI Classifications are Where's my Order?, Cancellations, Damaged or Refund, etc.

There's then 2 main ways of AI Responses; Agent Assist, and Handsfree; which you can read more on below, and many other ways where AI can assist you like AI Quick Replies, AI Powered Summaries and AI Responses from within the ticket.

Click on a link below to learn more about the specific features of eDesk AI:
  • Introducing eDesk AI - Learn more about how AI can help you delight your customers with fast and personalized support.
  • AI-Powered Summaries - Find out about how AI-powered summaries of individual messages and longer conversations can significantly cut down handling time.
  • AI Classifications - Find out how these powerful built-in classifications reduce the time spent scanning and trying to understand and filter incoming messages.
  • AI Responses: How do I use AI Agent Assist and Handsfree? - Radically improve handling and response times with personalizable AI-driven responses through ‘Agent Assist’ or go full ‘HandsFree’ to provide customers with instant resolution.
  • AI Composer - Instantly change the tone, rephrase, and expand your messages to customers in the Reply Box with just a couple of clicks.
  • AI Translations - Provide next-level translation that is fluent and flawless, enabling your team to support customers in any language.
  • AI Settings: Ready to get started? Learn how to enable and set up templates for Agent Assist and HandsFree or follow along with our step-by-step video.

Is there an additional fee for using eDesk AI?

eDesk AI is available at no additional charge on our Performance+ ticket-based plans. For agent-based plans, an additional charge of $39 per agent per month applies.

If you are currently trialing eDesk AI on an agent-based plan; at the end of your trial with effect from your next billing date, you will be automatically moved to the most cost effective plan for you based on your monthly billable ticket volume and the number of billable users.

These are the billable ticket tiers on the Performance+ plans:
Monthly Ticket Volume Pay Monthly Pay Annually
400 $199 $2,148
1,000 $399 $4,428
2,500 $699 $7,668
5,000 $1,299 $14,268

Ticket-based plans are based on the volume of billable tickets in a given month. A billable ticket is a message initiated through one of the integrated channels which is actioned using eDesk. 
  • Tickets that receive a response will only be counted as one billable ticket regardless of how many messages are sent or received on the thread. 
  • Tickets escalated to third parties will be counted as additional tickets.
  • System messages, feedback requests and spam that are closed via a rule or automation are not counted as billable tickets. 

If you would like to understand the process of moving to a ticket-based plan OR you decide AI isn’t for you and you would like to remain on a user-based plan, please contact us.

What happens if we exceed our monthly ticket volume?

Once you reach the monthly ticket volume available on your chosen Performance+ plan, you will receive an alert in the app and via email.

If you exceed the quota in a given month, an additional “Overage” charge will be applied as follows:

Plan Overage per 100 tickets Overage per 100 tickets
(Pay Monthly Plans) (Pay Annually Plans)
Performance+ 400 $99 $89
Performance+ 1,000 $80 $74
Performance+ 2,500 $56 $51
Performance+ 5,000 $52 $48

What’s included in the Performance+ ticket plans?

Our Performance+ ticket-based plans, are our most powerful plans and come with these features, many of which are not available on user-based plans:
  • Unlimited agents
  • Unlimited AI-driven instant summaries & sentiment
  • Unlimited AI-powered response suggestions
  • Unlimited AI-powered response automations
  • Unlimited marketplace, webstore & social integrations
  • Unlimited rule-based workflow automations
  • Colleague & off-platform escalation
  • Internal & external knowledge bases
  • CSAT surveys
  • Custom roles and permissions
  • Enterprise reporting suite
  • AI-powered Chat 
  • AI Composer
  • AI Translation

If you have any further questions about eDesk AI or about how best to make the switch, please don’t hesitate to contact us.