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The eDesk Onboarding Guide

Customer support in one place, not all over the place! Get started with eDesk now!

The eDesk Feedback Onboarding Guide

Turn every online sale or great customer interaction into a review request! Get started with eDesk Feedback now!

eDesk Mailbox Tour

Welcome to eDesk, the future of eCommerce Customer Support!   This help file will guide new eDesk users through the Mailbox and help them…

Intro to the Mailbox - Ticket View (video)

 eDesk's powerful Ticket View allow you to consult all your order and customer information directly on your tickets, at one glance!

Creating tickets (video)

Learn how to easily create tickets in eDesk to respond fast to all of your customer queries!  

The eDesk App Store

eDesk integrates with a wide range of different marketplaces, webstores, support email & comms, social media, automation & management, tracking…

I've been added to an eDesk account. What do I do next?

Your business has chosen eDesk for their eCommerce Helpdesk, and an Admin user within your business has sent you an email that invites you…

Assigning tickets in eDesk

You may want to assign tickets to your teammates if they’re better suited to solving the issue or if you’re overwhelmed.  This help file…

Intro to the Mailbox - Overview (video)

 eDesk's powerful Mailbox gathers all your customer's interactions across all the different platforms into one single inbox. 

Spotlight on the Mailbox View (video)

In this video, we will talk about the Mailbox View in eDesk, which gathers all your messages from all your connected channels into one consolidated…

Spotlight on the eDesk Insights (video)

In this video, we will talk about eDesk Insights! We’ve given eDesk Dashboards a new layout and a new name to go with it.   

General Insights

The Insights section in eDesk allows you to consult stats and data so you can have a better understanding of how your team, products, and entire…

The 5 step guide to setting up your eDesk Mailbox

Instead of having customer communication all over the place - customer messages scattered across separate inboxes and message centers, without…

The eDesk Smart Tools

Smart Tools are eDesk’s most powerful features. They enable you to create smart workflows, route tickets and automatically reply to repetitive…

The 3 step guide to setting up eDesk Feedback

Start automating your customer feedback and review requests with eDesk Feedback will help you save hours of work each week, improve your ratings…

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