eDesk Talk is a simple phone solution for small support teams to enable them to provide call support to their customers without having to invest in an expensive complicated phone solution.

This help file will guide you through basic troubleshooting for eDesk Talk.

Before you start

  • You’ll need an Admin login to eDesk. If you don’t have an Admin login, you can request one from an Admin user within your business.

  • You'll need to have eDesk Talk setup in your eDesk account. To find out how to do this, click here.

01 Use Google Chrome

eDesk Talk works best with Chrome. We strongly recommend that you use Chrome if you want to use eDesk Talk. 

02 Disappearing dialler

Sometimes the dialler will disappear behind another tab or the agent may close it by accident. It’s very easy to find it again, simply press the phone icon on the top of the eDesk mailbox and it will re-appear.

03 Dialler window

If you initially open the dialler from a window that is not maximized (not in full screen), it will open in a smaller window. If you then subsequently maximize that window, the dialler may pop onto another screen. 

In this case the dialler will still work, but having it on another screen may be less convenient.  We recommend that you close the dialler and then click the phone icon again in order to keep everything in one place.

04 VPN issues

A VPN (or Virtual Private Network) can be used by businesses to secure their Internet communications. Working on a virtual machine will often add latency to your network, may also cause network switching and increases the occurrence of jitter. Depending on the VPN configuration you use, it may be best disabling it when using eDesk Talk in order to improve your experience. Any questions regarding this, feel free to talk to us!

05 Things to keep in mind

  • eDesk Talk only currently supports UK, US and Canada phone lines (but you can still call anywhere in the world). 

  • You can currently only add one phone number per account.

  • eDesk Talk doesn’t allow for number porting (if you want to use an existing phone number you need to set up call forwarding on your end).

In this initial release, eDesk Talk doesn’t have the following advanced phone system features: 

  • Interactive voice responses (IVR) (press 1 for support, press 2 for sales etc.)

  • Can’t add multiple numbers (as mentioned above) 

  • Call conferencing 

  • Extensions 

  • Business hours 

  • Call routing rules 

  • Blocklist 

  • SMS 

In this initial release,eDesk Talk doesn’t have the following call center features: 

  • Ability to create teams programmable, time-based routing 

  • Call hold

  • Concurrent calls 

  • Call recording 

  • Call forwarding from eDesk to other numbers

Are you looking for something more powerful? Check out our Aircall voice integration!

Still experiencing issues?

Don't hesitate to contact our Support Team for help!