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Leaving Internal Notes (video)

You may want to add internal notes to your tickets in eDesk for reference or to help people out.  

Building a powerful collaborative workspace! (video)

Watch this video and find out how easy it is to build a powerful collaborative workspace in eDesk!

Mentioning your teammates

If you need someone else in your team to help you with a ticket, all you need to do is @mention them and the ticket will appear in the Mentioned…

Using Manual-Usage Templates in eDesk

Create a Manual Usage Template to help your teams respond to customers quickly.  

Connecting Linnworks with eDesk

Linnworks is an Inventory Management software that helps e-commerce sellers grow their business.  eDesk’s Linnworks app allows you to view…

Using Templates to save time

Create ready-to-go templates to help your teams deliver expert customer support in record time! eDesk can also auto-respond to customer messages…

Connecting a channel with eDesk

eDesk brings all your customer queries into one place, with related order details and conversation history.  We understand the importance…

Agents Insights

The Insights section in eDesk allows you to consult stats and data so you can have a better understanding of how your team, products, and entire…

Spotlight on the Ticket View (video)

In this video, we will talk about the Ticket View in eDesk, which helps agents supercharge their customer service replies.  

Product Demo: eDesk (video)

eDesk is the only customer support help desk built exclusively for eCommerce. It makes it super easy for customers to get in touch across all…

How does eDesk’s Live Chat work for your customers and your team?

Customers love love love the instant results they get when you provide real-time support through Live Chat. eDesk’s Live Chat is simple to…

Spotlight on the Smart Inbox (video)

In this video, we will talk about the Smart Inbox in eDesk, which gathers tickets into out-of-the-box intelligent categories.   

Product Demo: eDesk simplifies eCommerce Customer Support (video)

What differentiates eDesk from any other help desk is that it's built exclusively for eCommerce.   

Product Demo: Benefits of using an eCommerce Help Desk (video)

What are the benefits of using an eCommerce help desk like eDesk?  

Fine-tune your customer care with eDesk's Report Extracts

eDesk gives you unique insights into the customer care you provide across your entire customer base. Our Report Extracts feature enables you…

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