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Contact customers who have placed an order in the Orders tab 01 Directions to Orders Select the order tab in the top toolbar

Creating Invoice Templates

Stay on top of invoicing and save time by creating templates that you can use to automatically generate invoices for your order-related tickets.

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Channel Dashboard

The channel dashboard is a marketplace specific dashboard that shows useful information relevant to that marketplace It currently supports Amazon,…

Amazon Buyer Opt-Out

Amazon allows buyers to opt-out of receiving non-critical messages from sellers. This guide will provide information on how eDesk handles these…

Automating your Amazon Invoicing

Using eDesk, you can automatically generate invoices and credit notes for your customers using the Amazon VAT Calculation Service. These can…

Connecting Walmart to eDesk

Connecting Walmart to eDesk allows your business to manage all Walmart orders, emails, and notifications from eDesk.  

Managing your team’s permissions using roles

Create, manage, and assign roles to help give your team access to the tools they need and to keep your workspace secure.  All of your eDesk…

Role permissions

Find out what each role permission enables in eDesk so that you can give your teammates the right permissions for their jobs. 

Using Manual Usage templates to send prewritten messages to your customers

Help your teams respond to customers quickly, by creating ready-to-go templates that they can select and send.

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