ManoMano is a European marketplace specialising in DIY, home improvement and gardening supplies. Launched in France, it now also operates in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK.

Connecting your ManoMano account to eDesk will allow your ManoMano messages, orders, and order information to flow directly into eDesk. 

All messages will continue to be delivered to your ManoMano account and it will also update when you send messages from eDesk.

Before you start

  • You’ll need an Admin login to eDesk. If you don’t have an Admin login, you can request one from an Admin user within your business.
  • You'll need a ManoMano seller account. To find out how to create one, see here.

01 How do I connect ManoMano in eDesk?

  1. Go to the App Store and select the ManoMano tile under Marketplaces.
    ManoMano tile in the App Store
  2. The App page for ManoMano provides an Overview of how the channel works with eDesk. ManoMano page in the  App Store
  3. Select Install App to go ahead and install the ManoMano App in eDesk.
    Install App button
  4. Select Authorize eDesk.
    Authorize eDesk page.
    This opens the Connect your ManoMano store page.

02 Connecting your ManoMano account

  1. Next, we show you how to get your API key and Seller Contract ID for eDesk from ManoMano. eDesk will use this key to unlock access to the ManoMano account that belongs to your Seller Contract ID, so that your eDesk account can receive order information from your ManoMano account.

    In the Connect your ManoMano store page, select the ManoMano link to open ManoMano in a new browser tab.Enter your API key

  2. In ManoMano, login and go to Settings > API keys.

  3. Copy your Seller Contract ID.

  4. Jump back to your eDesk window, and paste your Seller Contract ID into the Seller Contract ID field.

  5. Return to ManoMano and select Create API key.
  6. Give a name to the new API key. We suggest you call it "eDesk".

  7. Select Generate API key.

  8. Copy your API key.

  9. Go back to eDesk and paste your API Key into the API Key field.

  10. In eDesk, select Next. You should see a message that says you've successfully connected eDesk and ManoMano. 

    If you see an error, please repeat steps 2 to 9. Any further problems, contact the eDesk team who are always ready to help.

  11. Next, you need to set up mail forwarding so that the messages your customers send to your ManoMano account will appear in your eDesk Mailbox.
    - Follow the instructions in this help file (in step 2, select the ManoMano channel). 
    - Once this is complete, eDesk is ready to receive your ManoMano orders and customer messages. Job done!
eDesk will now automatically retrieve details of your ManoMano orders for the last 30 days and display them in your Orders page so that you have immediate access to recent orders in eDesk. 

03 Where do I see data from ManoMano in eDesk?

Now that your ManoMano store is connected to eDesk, eDesk will import data directly into your eDesk account.

You will be able to see all your buyer messages on the Mailbox page:
Mano Mano tickets in your Mailbox.You will see the relevant ManoMano order details and customer information on the right-hand side of every single ticket:
ManoMano order details in a ManoMano ticket in eDesk.And you'll also see all your ManoMano orders together on the Orders page:
ManoMano orders in the Orders page.
Note: The Orders page checks for new ManoMano orders every 30 minutes.

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