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Message Rules

Keep your inbox tidy and create smooth workflows by using simple rules 01 Getting to Messaging Rules Select your avatar in the right-hand…

How eDesk’s Chat works for your customers and your team

Help your Support Agents deliver an even better customer experience with eDesk’s Chat add-on.


Tags are a great way to organize the Mailbox give your customer support process more structure 01 Creating a Tag Select your avatar…

Moving from Helpdesk to eDesk - A Guide

Contents Mailbox Left Hand Nav

The 5 step guide to setting up your eDesk Mailbox

Instead of having customer communication all over the place - customer messages scattered across separate inboxes and message centers, without…

Assigning tickets in eDesk

You may want to assign tickets to your teammates if they’re better suited to solving the issue or if you’re overwhelmed. How to assign…

Managing ticket statuses in eDesk

How to change and manage ticket statuses in eDesk Tickets have different statuses through their journey from new to resolved, each helping…

Moving from Reply Manager to eDesk

If you have moved to eDesk from ReplyManager, you now have access to a lot more marketplaces and features that ReplyManager did not support.  Co

Tag Groups & Tags

Tags are a great way to organize the Mailbox, giving your customer support process more structure. Tag groups allow you to sort Tags, making…

Managing your team’s permissions using roles

Create, manage, and assign roles to help give your team access to the tools they need and to keep your workspace secure.  All of your eDesk…

Creating new custom roles to manage user permissions

Create custom roles to give your teammates customized access to the tools they need.

Role permissions

Find out what each role permission enables in eDesk so that you can give your teammates the right permissions for their jobs. 

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