Sometimes people from outside your support team, such as managers and colleagues from other functions of the business might want to access eDesk to look around without necessarily needing to respond to tickets or change settings. That’s why we’ve created Read only users. Read only users can log in to eDesk just like normal users, and visit all pages, but cannot make any changes to account or respond to tickets.

Who can access Read only users

You can add Read-only users to your account for free if you're on the Professional or Enterprise pricing pack, paying annually, and have at least 4 regular paid users. 

How to add Read only users

Once you have 4 paid users on your account, you’ll have the option to invite a Read only user on the Invite team member page. Access the Invite team members page by going to Settings → Users → Invite users

Then add the email address of the person you want to invite and select the Read only option.

Converting a Read only user into a paid user

While using eDesk the Read only user will have the option to request full access. This request will be sent to the account admin who, if they choose to, can convert the user into a paid user with full access to eDesk.

What’s next

Want to learn more about how to manage your team’s permissions? Read more about roles in eDesk here