Let's take a closer look at the Ticket View, which contains all the information and tools you need to respond to your customers fast and deliver a five star customer experience.

This help file describes what's in the Ticket View, and explains how to use it to reply to your customers.

Before you start

  • You'll need an eDesk account. To find out how to create one, click here.

01 Introduction to the Ticket View

Whenever a new customer message arrives into your eDesk, it's put into a ticket. The ticket is shown in your Mailbox and in the Mailboxes of your team mates.

Select the ticket to open the Ticket View, which is where you can view the customer message and any associated order information, and perform actions for that ticket, for example, send a response to the customer, make an internal note, or involve other people that can help you resolve the ticket successfully.

The entire history of the ticket including actions by your team and any follow-up messages from the customer are logged in the Ticket View also so that you can view a full audit trail whenever you need to. Learn more about tickets here.

02 What's in the Ticket View?

The Ticket View is designed to give eCommerce sellers the full context of the customer's message. It is not visible to the customer. The Ticket View contains the following:

  1. Ticket number
    A unique ID for the ticket.
  2. Customer information, if provided
    E.g. their name, contact details, the marketplace they used to send the message.
    Note: Some marketplaces such as Amazon do not disclose customer information.
  3. Order information
    If the customer has referenced an order in their message, the order details are included here.
  4. AI-powered summary
    A short AI-generated summary of the message from the customer, and a smiley indicating the customer's sentiment.
    Displayed only if you are using eDesk AI. Read about eDesk's AI here.
  5. Customer message
    The message from the customer including the date/time it was received.
  6. Channel and language
    The channel from which the customer sent the message. The language used in the message.
  7. Actions from your team
    More on this in the next section of this help file. All actions are timestamped.
  8. AI-powered suggestions
    Suggested replies that you can select to respond without having to type your own response into the Reply Box. Displayed only if you are using eDesk AI. Read about eDesk's AI here.
  9. Reply Box
    Enables you to reply to the customer, add an internal note, send an external email, share the ticket, change the status of the ticket. More on this in the next section of this help file.

Ticket View annotated.

You can also set up the Ticket View to include custom information that serve your individual business model. Learn more about Custom fields here.

03 What actions can I perform in the Ticket View?

In the Ticket View, you can:
  • Send a response to the customer
    The Reply Box is where you can respond to your customer in the Ticket View. See next section for tools that help you send the perfect response, fast.
  • Change the status of the ticket
    Learn all about ticket status here.
  • Write an Internal note
    Visible to you and your team mates only. Learn more here.
  • Send an external message to a third party, such as a Supplier.
    Visible to you and your team mates only. Learn more here.
  • Share the ticket securely with a third party, such as a Supplier.
    Learn more about ticket collaboration with third parties here.
  • Assign ticket to a team mate
    Make another team member the owner of the ticket. Learn more here.
  • Mention team mates
    Learn more about ticket collaboration with team mates here.
  • Add Tags that categorize the ticket for easy management
    Learn all about Tags here.
  • Favourite the ticket so you can find it quickly in future
    Learn more here.
  • View or attach Order
    If eDesk has access to the customer's Order details, they'll be listed here. If not, you can attach it to the ticket.  
  • View related tickets
    See here for more information on merging tickets.
  • View the ticket history
    The entire ticket history including messages, status changes, SLA status, notes, and any other actions are listed and timestamped.

04 Supercharge your customer support

Now that you're acquainted with the Ticket View, it's time to learn about all the ways in which you can respond to your customers, and how you can automate and speed up these replies using eDesk's AI, snippets, and templates!

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