Your business has chosen eDesk for their eCommerce Helpdesk, and an Admin user within your business has sent you an email that invites you to set up an account.

So, what happens next?  We'll show you exactly what you need to do to get yourself up and running. 

This help file will guide you through setting up and using your new eDesk account.

Before you start

  • If you haven't already been invited to eDesk by somebody in your company, you’ll need to create an eDesk account. Click here to register.

01 Discover eDesk

If eDesk is new to you, click here to watch a short explainer video. Got the picture? Good! 

The next steps are to:

  • Set your password.
  • Login to your company eDesk account.
  • Take a look at your Mailbox, which is where you'll manage your customer messages.
Keep reading to find out how.

Setting your password

Click the Get started with eDesk link in the invitation email you received, and follow the instructions to set your password. 

Login to eDesk

If you haven't already logged in after setting your password, you can go to the eDesk login page at and enter your email address and password to log in. 

Pro Tip: we highly recommend you bookmark this page to make it easier in the future!

Viewing your Mailbox

Following a successful login, eDesk will show your Mailbox page. For an overview of the Mailbox, click here to watch a tour, which explains what all the icons and screens are for, and demonstrates how to use them.
Your Mailbox

02 Collaborating in eDesk

It's easy to work with other people! All of your customer conversations are organized into intuitive categories, and you can involve other teammates in a conversation with just a couple of clicks.

Working with your customers

There are lots of shortcuts in eDesk that make it super easy to engage with your customers.  To learn about the different ways you can respond to your customer's messages, click here.
Templates are one way to respond to customersTo learn more about ticket statuses, click here.

As well as responding to your customer's messages, you can also create new tickets to address issues proactively. To learn all about creating new tickets to deliver proactive customer care, click here.

Working with your teammates

eDesk offers a number of ways to involve the other eDesk users in your company when you need their input on a ticket. 

- You can assign the ticket to a teammate; this makes them the owner of the ticket so that the ticket will be listed in the My Tickets category in their Mailbox. To find out how to assign a ticket to another eDesk user in your company, click here

- You can mention a teammate in the internal notes for the ticket. When a user is mentioned on a ticket, the ticket is listed in the Mentioned category in their Mailbox. Internal notes are great for adding information for yourself or for other users in your company; customers won't see anything you enter here. To learn how to use mentions and internal notes, click here.

03 Personalizing your workspace

Once you have got the hang of how your Mailbox works, you can personalize it with your own information and preferences.

For example, you can:

- Create an email signature that is at the bottom of all the messages you send.
- Set up your Mailbox preferences so that your Mailbox behaves the way you want it to.
- Customize the display of your Mailbox so that it shows the ticket information you need, organized the way you want it.

Creating your email signature

An Admin user in your company decides whether to allow users to create their own email signature, or to include a company-wide or channel-specific signature in all outgoing messages instead. If your company policy allows users to create their own signatures, you can click here for instructions on how to do so.

Setting your Mailbox preferences

Next, you need to set up your Mailbox with your own information and preferences. This includes setting your language preferences, ticket behavior, notification settings, the configuration of your messages, and setting up your working hours and holidays. To find out why you should do this and learn how to set your Mailbox preferences, click here.

Customizing the display of your Mailbox

We understand that everybody works differently! As well as customizing how your Mailbox behaves, you can also customize the information that's displayed and how it's organized on-screen. This includes choosing which information is displayed for the tickets, and you can also use what we call pinned tags to create your own custom folders. To learn how to personalize the way your Mailbox looks, click here.

04 Save time and supercharge your customer support!

Want to make your customer support even more efficient? eDesk offers some great tools that help you deliver richer, faster care to your customers.

When supporting customers, you can:

- Create your own processes to answer customer messages or create new tickets. 
- Respond to your customer's messages with one click.
- Support your customers in multiple languages, even languages that you don't speak.
- Handle multiple tickets in one go.

Creating your own processes to streamline your messages

Want to personalize your messages with customer or order information? Use snippets to include inline information like the order number, product name, or even a commonly-used phrase such as "Thanks for shopping with Joe's Bikes!", with just a couple of clicks. To find out how to use snippets, click here.

Save time by using templates for automatic out-of-office replies or for pre-written messages that you can select to answer common queries. To find out how to use templates, click here.

Respond to your customer's messages with one click

For lightning-fast customer support, you can use eDesk's AI to answer some of your customer messages with a single click. To learn all about Quick Reply, click here.
Quick Reply in action!

Support your customers in multiple languages

eDesk's Auto-translation feature automatically translates the messages you receive and send to your customers so that you can deliver support in many more languages than you speak. To find out how Auto-translation works, click here.

Handle multiple tickets with Bulk actions

eDesk allows you to handle multiple tickets at once by applying a single action to a group of tickets.  You can reply, add an internal note, assign another user as owner, mention a user, add tags, set custom fields, set a ticket type, and merge tickets together. To find out more about bulk actions, click here.

06 Take your customer care to the next level

eDesk offers a number of extra features that help you deliver an even better customer experience. 
  • Offer real-time care with eDesk's Live Chat. For an overview, click here.

  • Check your Insights to see how you're performing! For instructions on using Insights, click here.

  • Set up eDesk to gather feedback from your customers automatically. To learn about eDesk's Feedback Add-on, click here.

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