Respond to your customer's messages with one click - it couldn't be easier!

Before you start


Quick Reply responses are available in the eDesk Professional and Enterprise packs.

01 What are Quick Reply responses?

eDesk provides a number of ways to streamline your responses to your customers, but nothing beats Quick Reply for speed. With Quick Reply, you simply hover the cursor over the magic button in the row for a message in your Mailbox to display an appropriate pre-written response in a tooltip. Then you click the magic button once to send it off to the customer. 
Magic button in the Mailbox

02 Set up

Quick Reply is configured by creating a template for your pre-written response and then adding it to an AI category. Then when messages arrive that fall under that category, the magic button is displayed in a column in the Mailbox for permissioned users. To see how to create one-click templates and AI categories, click here.

03 Permissioning users

If a user is permissioned to use Quick Reply, they will see the Quick Reply column as the first column in their Mailbox. Admin users are permissioned to use Quick Reply by default. For other users, an Admin can permission it in:
Settings → Users → select the user → Mailbox tab → Enable quick response

04 Using Quick Reply

To send a response to a customer with one-click:

  1. Hover over the magic button to see a quick view of the customer’s message and the suggested response in a popup.Magic wand tooltip
    Note: If you think the suggested response is not relevant, you can dismiss the magic button from the ticket by clicking the Not Relevant icon in the top right hand corner of the popup. This will close the popup also.
  2. Click the magic button (or the Send reply button).
    A timer is displayed for a couple of seconds to indicate that your response is sending. If you need to cancel the outgoing message, click the magic button again before the timer finishes. You’ll have to be quick!

    Note:  If there is a sending delay set in your Account settings, this does not come into play when you respond with Quick Reply. The magic button sends the response after a couple of seconds, as indicated by the timer.
  3. You can see the one-click response in the message history when you open the ticket.

    Pro-tip: Click the magic button at the top of the Mailbox to view all the messages that have a magic button for a one-click response. Cancel the filter by clicking it again.
    Magic button filter

Further Readings

To find out how to create your pre-written responses for use with Quick Reply, click here.