Why and How can Amazon suspend my account from sending proactive messages?

Amazon lay out terms of services that sellers must adhere to, or Amazon can suspend your account from sending proactive messages at any time for 5-30 days. When your account is suspended, you can still respond to a buyer’s message but you are prohibited from sending any proactive messages (such as review requests). 

Amazon are strongly enforcing their terms of services, so it is really important that you understand those terms, and do not violate them. 

As part of Amazon’s marketplace developer council, xSellco understands these terms of service and through using our feedback management tool can help sellers stay in compliance and avoid any unnecessary suspensions.   

How can I avoid Amazon suspension?

To avoid suspension, we recommend that you follow the guidelines below

  • Using [Important] in your email subject line This should only be used for emails containing information critical to complete or fulfil an order, and should not be abused or you can face suspension.
  • Sending links or attachments that are not necessary to the order Do not attach marketing material, spam or any other content that violates Amazon terms of services.
  • Avoid using any external links in messages Directing buyers to other product pages or websites including your Amazon storefront and listing pages is against Amazon’s terms of service. This includes if the website is linked in your company logo.
  • Do not include your personal email address in any communications It will be automatically stripped from the email.
  • Avoid sending excessive emails and asking for the same review repeatedly We recommend using the ‘No feedback yet’ condition in the second message so that buyers who have already left feedback are not still receiving requests. Please also make sure that you are not exceeding Amazon’s daily email limit. This is equal to 5 times your average daily order volume, plus an additional 600 messages.
  • Sending marketing or promotional emails Sellers cannot offer any promotional offers in order to influence a buyer’s feedback.
  • Incentivizing or manipulating feedback and reviews Reviews cannot be incentivized by sellers. As mentioned, you cannot offer a discount or a free product in exchange for a review. 
    • You cannot request positive feedback, nor request feedback based only if the customer has had a good experience. 
    • Asking customers to contact you before leaving a negative review is considered a violation as it is influencing your feedback.
  • Do not provide instructions or guidelines You must allow the customer to leave a true and honest review with any suggestions coming from the seller.

You will know if your messages have been blocked by Amazon by going to Seller Central → Messaging and open a recently sent message. If you have been suspended, there will be the following text at the bottom of the message: 

“This message was not delivered because your account was temporarily restricted from sending proactive messages. For more information please check the email inbox associated with your account for a detailed error notification.”

What should I do if I have been suspended?

If you see this message, please review Amazon’s policy and update your templates accordingly. We would also recommend pausing your messages until you have resolved this issue. To do this, please go to your Feedback Rules > Select Amazon rule → Toggle Inactive → Save Changes.

Once you have identified and amended your templates, or if you feel as though you did not violate the terms, we would recommend contacting Amazon for a resolution. 

See further information on Amazon's terms of service regarding buyer-seller messaging here.