As part of our continued efforts to improve your experience of eDesk, we’ve redesigned the eDesk Mailbox and released powerful features to help you deliver 5-star customer support, faster.

01 The new eDesk Mailbox

We've simplified the Mailbox view to make it easier to concentrate on what’s important - delivering 5-star customer support!
  • Demo Video
In the video below, you'll see that we've created more space for the features you use more regularly and we also adjusted fonts to make the Mailbox view more compact, simplified, and easier to use on a daily basis.

  • What changed?
One thing you'll notice right away is that we removed the old navigation bar to create more space for the features you use more regularly in the Mailbox. Your previous options haven’t disappeared, they’ve just moved to the left-hand side where they take up less space.

We’ve listened to your feedback and worked closely with a range of eDesk users in our Research Community to create a Mailbox that has a clean modern look, is easier to navigate, and helps agents find the information they need quicker.

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Welcome to the new eDesk Mailbox!

02 The Smart Inbox (NEW)

The Smart Inbox automatically groups similar tickets into convenient categories, so you always know how to prioritize them.
  • Demo Video
In the video below, you'll how the new Smart Inbox will help you get down to business and solve tickets faster.

  • Why this new feature?
We understand that one of the issues faced by many customers is managing the large number of messages that come in from various channels. Currently, it's possible to use tags and filters to categorize tickets and organize your Mailbox, but this can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

As an eCommerce helpdesk with native integrations, we're able to leverage rich order data and ticket types, which no other helpdesk can, to provide out-of-the-box intelligent categories in which tickets can be automatically grouped.

We're sure this categorization will have a positive impact on your response times by allowing you to deal with similar queries in bulk.

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03 The Insights Dashboards (NEW)

We gave Mailbox and Channel Dashboards a new look and a new name. They're now called Insights and they allow you to gather and analyze a wide range of new business performance data.
  • Demo Video
In the video below, we'll present the different Insights you can consult within your account.
  • Better and faster!
We understand that while the existing Dashboard section has lots of valuable information, it could improve to help you get better insights. That's why we've created different new Insight categories -Tickets, Chats, Agents, and General - each providing more detailed and specific information. 

The new Products Insight category gives you new insight into your business, revealing what products are causing the most tickets and the best and worst reviews.  

We've also completely rebuilt each chart, table, and graph from scratch to make them up to 7x faster than before. This will provide an exciting new foundation to build new Insights faster in the future.

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