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eDesk Mailbox Tour

Welcome to eDesk, the future of eCommerce Customer Support!  

5 Manual Usage Templates you need to create in eDesk!

Use these Manual Usage templates to respond to your customer's most frequently asked questions, and deliver a super-fast, five-star customer…

Demo Video: How to get started

eDesk is the only customer support help desk built exclusively for eCommerce.   

Configuring your eDesk Mailbox

The eDesk Mailbox is highly configurable and it's super easy to set it up to suit your requirement.  This help file will guide you through…

Troubleshooting: Why is my order not showing on the ticket?

This help file will guide you through what actions to take if your order isn't showing on a ticket. Before you start    You need…

Smart Inbox

One of the problems customers face as they begin to use eDesk is managing the large number of messages that can come in from various channels.  

Using Manual-Usage Templates in eDesk

Create a Manual Usage Template to help your teams respond to customers quickly.  

Customer Snippets

eDesk’s Customer Snippets let you insert customer or order information into a message with just a couple of clicks. This help file will…

Using Message Rules in eDesk

Using as many Message Rules as possible will ensure that your customer interactions will always be handled by the right team members. It will…

Intro to the Mailbox - Overview (video)

 eDesk's powerful Mailbox gathers all your customer's interactions across all the different platforms into one single inbox. 

Intro to the Mailbox - Ticket View (video)

 eDesk's powerful Ticket View allow you to consult all your order and customer information directly on your tickets, at one glance!

Using Out-of-Office Templates in eDesk

Manage your customer's expectation by setting up eDesk to auto-respond to any messages that arrive when your offices are closed for a holiday. This…

Intro to the Mailbox - Smart Inbox (video)

 eDesk's revolutionary new Smart Inbox leverages eDesk's rich order data to automatically group and prioritize all incoming tickets, so your…

Using Rule-Only Templates in eDesk

Create a Rule-Only Template take the pressure off your teams and let eDesk automatically handle the commonly-asked questions from your customers. This…

Responding to your customer

There are a number of ways to respond to messages in eDesk. You can decide to send manual responses, AI responses, pre-written templates, and…

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