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5 Manual Usage Templates you need to create in eDesk!

Use these Manual Usage templates to respond to your customer's most frequently asked questions, and deliver a super-fast, five-star customer…

Spotlight on Manual Usage Templates (video)

In this video, we will talk about the Manual Usage Templates in eDesk, which helps agents save time and deliver an excellent customer experience.  

Learn to save time with automation! (video)

Watch this video and find out how you and your Team can save time with eDesk through automation!  

Using Manual-Usage Templates in eDesk

Create a Manual Usage Template to help your teams respond to customers quickly.  

Using Templates to save time

Create ready-to-go templates to help your teams deliver expert customer support in record time! eDesk can also auto-respond to customer messages…

Intro to Templates (video)

Replying to your customers using powerful Templates will help your teams deliver expert customer support in record time!

Close Amazon tickets with a No Response Needed template

Automate great customer care by creating pre-written messages that eDesk sends automatically to the customer upon closure of Amazon tickets. This…

The eDesk Smart Tools

Smart Tools are eDesk’s most powerful features. They enable you to create smart workflows, route tickets and automatically reply to repetitive…

Spotlight on the Templates (video)

In this video, we will talk about the Templates in eDesk and how you can use them to reply quicker to customers!  

The 5 step guide to setting up your eDesk Mailbox

Instead of having customer communication all over the place - customer messages scattered across separate inboxes and message centers, without…

What are the best practices for providing super fast customer support?

Customer support is a balancing act between high customer expectations and your team’s limited resources. Customers want fast and accurate…

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