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Create ready-to-go templates to help your teams deliver expert customer support in record time! eDesk can also autorespond to customer messages…

Using Message Rules to route and auto-assign tickets

Automate your workflow and keep your inbox tidy by creating Message Rules that will automatically trigger actions on your eDesk tickets.

Let customers know your team is out-of-office with Autoreply and OOO templates

Create templates for eDesk to use when autoresponding to your customers outside office hours or during holidays.


Connecting Shopify allows messages and order information to be pulled into eDesk 01  Selecting Shopify Settings → Channels → Add…

Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding is the most straightforward eDesk Receiving mode Go to Settings → Mailbox Settings → Channels → select…

Gmail Forwarding

01 Adding a Forwarding Address Click the 'Settings' icon → select 'Settings' &rar

✚ Outlook Forwarding

Adding a Forwarding address Click t

eBay Channel Settings

To get started, you must connect your eBay store to eDesk If you have not yet done so, please click here for a step-by-step guide 01 Getting…

Trialing eDesk via Repricer

So you’ve mastered the art of price management and now you’re ready to ramp up your customer support capabilities? We like your style! If…

Connecting Walmart to eDesk

Connecting Walmart to eDesk allows your business to manage all Walmart orders, emails, and notifications from eDesk.  

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