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Using Message Rules to route and auto-assign tickets

Automate your workflow and keep your inbox tidy by creating Message Rules that will automatically trigger actions on your eDesk tickets.

Let customers know your team is out-of-office with Autoreply and OOO templates

Create templates for eDesk to use when autoresponding to your customers outside office hours or during holidays.

Installing eDesk Chat and Contact forms on your website

Engage your website visitors with a smooth live chat experience using the eDesk Chat add-on, and create contact forms that allow them to get…

How eDesk’s Chat works for your customers and your team

Help your Support Agents deliver an even better customer experience with eDesk’s Chat add-on.

Using Rule-only templates to automate customer support

Take the pressure off your teams and let eDesk’s Rule-only templates automatically handle the commonly-asked questions from your customers.

✚ Magento V1 Extension integration

Magento Version 1 Connecting your Magento store to eDesk is done through an easy-to-use Magento extension To get started, go to your account…

Managing your team’s permissions using roles

Create, manage, and assign roles to help give your team access to the tools they need and to keep your workspace secure.  All of your eDesk…

Creating new custom roles to manage user permissions

Create custom roles to give your teammates customized access to the tools they need.

Role permissions

Find out what each role permission enables in eDesk so that you can give your teammates the right permissions for their jobs. 

Linking ChannelEngine to eDesk

Link your ChannelEngine account with eDesk to access your channel’s order data with a single click and create smart workflows around this data. How…

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