Using out of office autoresponders ensures your customers still receive a response outside of working hours

01 Directions

  • Select your avatar in the right-hand corner
  • Go to: Settings Smart tools Templates + Add Message Template

02 Basic Settings

  • Click '+ Add Message Template' in the top right-hand corner
  • The 'Available to use with' field MUST be changed to 'Auto-replies only'
  • Everything else within the template can be filled out as shown in our guide here

03 Message Body

  • Within the message body, we would recommend not using phrases such as: "We are currently out of the office" or "Our office hours are....."
  • Instead, use generic phrases such as "We have received your message and will be in touch"

The reason for this is if there is an auto-reply detector on your marketplace it can detect these key phrases as an auto-reply and not approve this as a valid response to reset the SLA

04 Autoresponder Options

  • Delay
    Choose the time delay between receiving the message and sending a response
    A time delay makes an auto-response look more like a human response
    This is particularly useful to prevent Amazon from detecting your message as an auto-response
  • Frequency
    Choose how often this template is sent to the same ticket
  • Exclude
  • Exclude certain email addresses from receiving the autoresponder
    You can exclude an entire domain with a wildcard by inserting *

05 Date and Time Conditions

  • Recurring
    Set the recurring date and time conditions for when the template is active and responds to messages
  • One off
    If you are out of the office for several days in a row, use the One off option 

06 Misc

  • Change the message status
    Here you can choose if, when you use the template, it will automatically change the ticket status
    The default is that it does not change, but you can change the status to open or closed after use
    This does not affect the status on Amazon, it will always be marked as responded to on Amazon