We’ve redesigned the xSellco Insights mobile app, giving it a new look and feel, as well as a new name - eDesk Insights. 

This help file will show you where you can download eDesk Insights and how it allows you to know your customer support and business metrics in real-time.

Before you start

  • To download eDesk Insights for Apple, click here.
  • To download eDesk Insights for Android, click here.
  • You'll need to have an eDesk account to use eDesk Insights. You can sign up for a free trial of eDesk by clicking here.

01 eDesk Insights Features

When downloading eDesk Insights, you'll have access to a wide range of various data.
  • Multichannel sales at a glance 

Track your eCommerce sales and orders in real-time, with daily, weekly and monthly Dashboards. Get insights into your sales performance and take action!

Features include:
- View your key figures in one comprehensive eCommerce sales Dashboard.
- Check your Overall Sales Total and No. of Orders.
- See how your sales are split across each channel.
- Compare the figures for the current & previous month, week or day.

  • Ticket Insights (eDesk customers only)

Track ticket volumes per channel, tag, or query type. See SLA compliance and follow your first response rate.

  • Feedback Dashboard (eDesk Feedback customers)

Analyze changes in your feedback performance, review historical Amazon negative feedback, and review historical eBay positive and negative feedback.

Features include:
- Check your current rating and changes in your feedback rating.
- See recent Amazon negative feedback.
- See recent eBay positive and negative feedback.

Note: if you’re already using our xSellco Insights app, there’s no need to take action, just look out for the name and icon change on your phone.

This redesign is part of our efforts to accelerate our roadmap to further help our customers provide five-star customer service (and get more of those all-important five-star reviews!).

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