Connecting Shopify allows messages and order information to be pulled into eDesk

01  Selecting Shopify

  • Settings → Channels → Add Channel
  • Select 'Webstore integration'
  • Select Shopify → Authorize eDesk

02 Connect your Shopify store

  • Log into Shopify in a separate tab
  • Take the store name from the URL
    • In the following example, shoestore is the store name
  • Click Install app​
    • Please note:
      The app to be installed is xSellco Helpdesk - E-commerce customer service software
      Default access must not be changed 
      xSellco will never receive your personal credentials or any payment details

  • Directed back to eDesk

03 Mail Forwarding

  • Enter your support email address - this is the email address shown in the channel settings

Configure Receiving emails

  • Option 1 - Mail forwarding: Add a forwarding address inside your mail client - where you are currently receiving Shopify messages
    • For mor information on setting up mail forwarding, see here 
  • Option 2 - IMAP​
    • Connect the inbox directly to pull messages
    • For more see here