Connecting Shopify allows messages and order information to be pulled into eDesk

01  Selecting Shopify

  • Settings → Channels → Add Channel
  • Select Shopify and click 'Authorize eDesk' to start the setup process

02 Connect your Shopify store

This step will allow you to view your Shopify order information within eDesk.

  • Log into Shopify in a separate tab
  • Take the store name from the URL
    • In the following example, shoestore is the store name
  • Click Install app​
    • Please note:
      The app to be installed is xSellco Helpdesk - E-commerce customer service software
      Default access must not be changed 
      xSellco will never receive your personal credentials or any payment details

  • You will now be directed back to eDesk 

03 Connect your Shopify Support Email

This step will allow you to view Shopify customer queries within eDesk. 

  • Enter your support email address - this is the email address that receives all customer support requests for your Shopify store.
  • Before clicking next, we recommend that you open your support email account in a new tab (this will make the next step easier).

There are two ways to connect your Shopify support email with eDesk. 

Option 1 - Mail forwarding: When setup this option means that when an email is received in your support email account, it will be automatically forwarded to your eDesk Mailbox. 

  • Copy the unique xSellco email address shown above.
  • Navigate to your support email account's settings and follow the instructions to add a forwarding address. 
  • The process will differ depending on your email client (Google, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.). See below for instructions on how to set up mail forwarding with popular email clients.
For more information on setting up mail forwarding, see here 

Option 2 - IMAP​: This option involves a more detailed setup as it allows you to connect your eDesk Mailbox directly to the source of your support email account.  

For more details see here