Connect your BigCommerce account to allow access to messages and order information. Follow the process below for adding your BigCommerce channels to eDesk. 

  • Select your avatar in the top right-hand corner choose BigCommerce option
    • Settings  Mailbox Settings → Channels  + Add Channel


Step 1: Connect your BigCommerce store

    Choose BigCommerce
  • Click 'Authorize eDesk' 
    • This will connect eDesk to your BigCommerce store and allow you to send and receive messages from your BigCommerce store
    • Don’t worry, eDesk by xSellco will only have access to your messages and customer order information; we cannot access your login details or any other confidential information
  • Log in to BigCommerce
  • Click 'Install' on the eDesk by xSellco app page
  • Click 'Confirm' to return to eDesk

Your store is now connected 

Step 2: Set up Email Forwarding

  • The wizard will continue and take you through the process of setting up email forwarding
  • Follow the verification process for your email client
  • Click 'Next' inside eDesk
  • Your email set up is complete