Email forwarding is the most straightforward eDesk receiving mode and will allow you to automatically forward emails to your eDesk account.

In this guide we will look at forwarding through Yahoo.

Before you start

  • You’ll need an Admin login to eDesk. If you don’t have an Admin login, you can request one from an Admin user within your business.

  • You'll need a Yahoo Email account. To find out how to create one, click here.

  • Starting from 1st January 2021, auto-forwarding is available for Yahoo Mail Pro users only.

01 Find your unique eDesk email address

  1. Go to the App Store and, in the Support Email & Comms section, click on the Yahoo tile.

  2. Enter your support email.

  3. You will then see your unique eDesk email address.

  4. Next, follow the instructions on screen or below.

02 Adding a Forwarding address

1. Go to Settings → More Settings → Mailboxes.
2. Click on the primary mailbox you would like to add forwarding to.
3. Scroll down to the Forward section and paste your eDesk email address in there.
4. Then click Verify – Yahoo will notify you that you will receive a verification email from them.

If you're not sure where to find your eDesk email address, click here.

Note: starting from 1st January 2021, auto-forwarding will become available for Yahoo Mail Pro users only.

02 Verifying the email address

  1. Go back to your eDesk setup and select Next to proceed.
  2. The verification email sent by Yahoo will be displayed on your screen.
  3. Click the link in the Yahoo verification email, where you will be redirected to a different window by Yahoo.
  4. Click Verify in the Yahoo browser.
  5. In the Settings window in your Yahoo email, ensure you select Save.
  6. Go back to your eDesk setup and click Next to proceed.

If all steps have been completed successfully, eDesk will let you know that your setup has been a success. 

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