To get started, go to your account avatar, Settings → Channels → + Add Channel
Select Webstore integration → Magento

This guide outlines the Version 1 API integration

01 Directions to Role

Adding a role in Magento gives eDesk permission to retrieve information.

  • Log in to Magento
  • Go to System → Web Services → SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles

02 Add Role

Click 'Add New Role' and fill in the fields as follows:

  • Role Name [Example: eDesk]
  • Confirm Admin Password
    For Magento to verify this user creation, you will need to enter the password of the current admin
  • Click 'Role Resources' and select access to 'All'
  • Hit 'Save Role'

03 Directions to User

Adding a user in Magento gives xSellco permission to retrieve information

  • Go to System → Webservices → SOAP/XML-RPC - Users

04 Add User

Click 'Add New User' and fill in the fields as follows:

  • User Name [Example: eDesk]
  • First Name [Example: (your first name)]
  • Last Name [Example: (your last name)]
  • Email [Example: any email not already associated with this account]
    This email address must be different from the one that is associated with your original Admin account
  • API Key
    The API key field is a verification key or password. This is the access credential that xSellco web services will use to access your Magento store
  • API Key Confirmation
    Repeat the API key field to make sure it was entered correctly
  • This account is
    Active should be set to ensure this user will operate
  • Click "User Role" and select the role you have created
  • Hit 'Save User'

05 Connecting to eDesk

  • Go back to the eDesk setup Wizard
  • Click Next
  • Enter the store credentials 
  • Enter the WSDL 
  • Click Next
  • The final step is to set up mail forwarding in your email inbox settings to forward the Magento messages to eDesk