Automatically mark Waiting tickets as Resolved after a certain amount of time 

01 Settings

Go to Settings → Company Settings → Mailbox → Close waiting tickets 

Select the checkbox
An option to enter the number of days will appear

Enter the number of days after which you want the tickets to close

02 What happens?

After the set number of days, any tickets marked as Waiting will be automatically marked as Resolved

For example, if you enter 14 days, tickets will automatically close after they have been marked as Waiting for 14 days

If CSat is active on an eDesk channel, an extra option will appear that allows you request CSat for tickets that were automatically marked as Resolved
If enabled, the CSat message will be triggered once the ticket is marked as resolved 

Tickets will update every 2 hours

Once the ticket is marked as Resolved, it will reopen if a customer sends another message so you will not miss any messages